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She Makes $40,000 Per Month On Amazon At 23 Years Old

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She makes $40,000 per month on Amazon at 23 years old.

I had the pleasure of interviewing my lovely girlfriend Tatiana about her journey to building her online Amazon business and brand, LuxxHealth, to where it is today.

She has since quit her 9-5 job and is solely focused on her online business. Inspirational stories, like Tatiana’s, are proof that anything is possible.

In the words of Frederique Murphy, “When you master your mindset, you free yourself to achieve the level of success that you desire”.  If Tatiana can build a successful online business and brand, so can you. It all comes down to your mindset.

Tatiana makes $40,000 per month selling on Amazon.

I would like to share with you some of the strategies that she uses in her business that have brought her so much success. Tatiana is a shining example of someone who went from not even owning a computer and working two jobs to support her education to building a successful Amazon business and brand that makes her $40,000/month.  

I wanted to pick Tatiana’s brain about her journey to success. Here is a sneak peak of my interview with her:

You are very involved in the trenches of your business. You’ve experienced and overcome a lot of the barriers that people have with Amazon. You’ve got a great community. Do you want to share with people how you got started in your business?

Stefan and I took a course together 2 years ago called, The Amazing Selling Machine (ASM). It opened my eyes to the possibility of launching an online business. Prior to this, I was working and going to school full-time. The online world didn’t interest me at all. Once I started the ASM course, it sparked my attention.

I felt that I could start an Amazon business, while I was still going to school and working. It’s amazing what it can turn into.  My business is growing every day, but it's still just the beginning. When you have a 9-5 job, there is a cap on the amount of money you can earn, but with an online business, the amount that you can earn is limitless, and that is what is most exciting.

YOU decide what you want to earn. It’s not that easy, but to an extent I know what I have to do now in order to earn an extra $10,000 every month. It’s a matter of your want and need.

Can you share more about your journey, with regards to the 1st product that you started with, to where you are now, in terms of the money that you have been able to make?

My first product was light weight, affordable, and something that I didn’t have to put a large down payment on. I picked a cognac sponge, which is a natural beauty product. It was a good way to test out the product and the market that I was interested in.

I did everything myself, with regards to the design, which allowed me to save a lot of money. I think I only invested $300, and I sourced the product from China. Each unit cost me 10 cents. Shipping was the largest cost. I was selling my first product for $14.99 and I made good profit margins from it.

From the time that you started taking the ASM course, how long did it take you to make your first sale?

It took my almost 3 months for me to start making money, and that is partly because I was only doing it part-time. It took time, with regards to talking to suppliers, because they were located overseas. You need to factor in the time. This is why I suggest starting an Amazon business part-time.

Don’t just jump into it right away and quit your job. It doesn’t consume all of your time right away. You need to scale up. I made my first sale, and then a few months later my first product was doing $3000/month. I was making more money from selling a product online than I was working at my current job. I then focused on launching my second product.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the mentality that I do now. I focused on finding the next best seller product, instead of focusing on a product that I was passionate about and that I could build my brand around. I just wanted to make money. I wasn’t thinking long-term.

Keep in mind that, eventually, you are going to want to take whatever products you have on Amazon and sell them on your own website or e-commerce store. You can’t do that when you have a bunch of different products in different categories. It makes more sense for your customers when all of your products are a part of one brand name.

My second product was a hot trend and a popular seller. My mentality was, “I’m going to hop on this wagon and by the time I get my product on Amazon, I will be established.” . That happened to a certain extent, but the product that I chose was too much of a trend.

This is why you need to do extensive product research before you launch a product. Although I loved my product, it didn’t work for everybody. My product was a mascara that made your eyelashes longer. That product did $5000/month, which was sourced from China as well. I then decided to create a product that was going to scale more.

Pick a product that will sell for over $20, because that is where you are going to see true profit margins. The cheaper your product is, the less you are going to make. Make sure that whatever product you choose, that you have leeway to make it unique.

If not, you will blend in with everyone else, and then why would they buy from you? With my second product, I marketed it in a different way, but I wasn’t super passionate about it. I realized that I wanted to make more of an impact on peoples’ lives with regards to the products that I was selling.

Do you want to share the transition that you made, with regards to your third product?

I took a step back, stopped selling on Amazon, and tried to figure out what I was doing wrong that I could improve on. I used myself as an example. As a consumer, I looked at my previous purchases on Amazon and I realized that I was buying a lot of waist trainers.

However, every time I bought one, they would break. I thought, “I know how to create and source products, so why don’t I just create my own waist trainer product?” It was a niche market, and I liked that idea. Going niche is the best way because it’s not a saturated market, which means that means that people can find you better.

The one challenge I had with regards to this product was sizing. If you are going into a clothing category, sizing is a big issue, especially on Amazon. They aren’t that great for sellers. For Amazon, anyone that has a prime membership, they give an automatic refund to, but for sellers, you can get screwed over.

I thought, “How am I going to make sure that people measure themselves?” So I started to tap into the power of social media. I discovered that it was a great way to market my product. Amazon is expensive to do ads. With my first and second products, I was reinvesting all of my money into advertising, so I made no money for myself.

If you can utilize social media to your advantage and get free traffic, that’s great. I don’t do any Google or Instagram ads because I don’t need to. If you can be the face behind your brand, it will save you a lot of money. If you can’t, find an influencer who already has a big following on social media, and hire them to be the face behind your brand.

When you first start out on Amazon, you don’t have to order 1000 units. I believe in testing out the market before you make a big investment. I bartered with the manufacturers. I said, “Im not going to purchase 1000 products, MOQ, from you, but I am willing to do 200 units.” Test your product out and see how it works.

I sold my product for $28.99, I was doing some Amazon ads, and I started to get natural reviews from real customers, which helped for my rankings. Then, I started to tap into social media, and all of a sudden I was getting more traffic. I started a YouTube channel, an Instagram account. YouTube helped me because every video that I published, I used my keyword, which was waist trainer. On YouTube, there are not a lot people selling waist training videos. Now, I have 18,000 followers and amazing engagement.

I have a community on Facebook who buys my products. We share photos, post motivational comments, give each other tips, etc., which allows me to see what is and what's not working with my product. Plus, I can get live feedback from people. I take that feedback, and now I know what my next product should be.

Can you talk about the decision that you made to create your own store on your website instead of selling only on Amazon? You still make good money on Amazon, but you are now sending people to your website, correct?”

I was doing well on Amazon. I was selling $41,000/month at the time that I decided to move away from it.  I want to keep my listing live, so I'm still on there, but I stopped focusing on Amazon. They provided me with my client base that I didn’t have before because nobody knew who I was. I used them in order to bring me sales and traffic.

Once people started giving me reviews, my products started rating well, and I started getting external traffic from YouTube. Then I decided that I should take it off of their site. Amazon is great for that reason, but they aren’t great for their sellers.

I wanted to build an online business in order to have more freedom, so I started to sell on my own WordPress website. I got my site built for $300 from Upwork. Anytime I'm promoting something, I promote it to my website or my squeeze page because I'm trying to steer away from Amazon. Last month I did $34,000 on my website.

Finding as many influential people as you can, who have been successful with Amazon, that you can follow and get mentored by is important. There will be a lot of points in this journey where you will feel beat down. Find something or someone that will keep you going.

What was your mindset at the time when you were thinking about launching an Amazon business? What were the fears that you had and how did you overcome them? 

When I met Stefan, I was seeing how well he was doing with his online business. I wasn’t able to wrap my head around it at first, but I always wanted financial freedom.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get past the block that you are only allowed to make a certain amount/year. I thought, “If I make $100,000/year, great.” Open your mind to new possibilities. If you want to make $1 million, you can.

Initially, I took a leap of faith. I didn’t know if I was going to be successful, but I tried anyway. The ASM event is what really changed my mindset. The inspirational stories of people who were making $40,000-200,000/month on Amazon blew me away. Step up and be the person that accepts that this is a possibility for YOU. I’m so excited to keep growing.

What advice would you give to someone that aspires to start building an Amazon business?

If I did not do the ASM course, I would not have been able to do what I did.  Building an Amazon business is a complex process. Yes, you can learn yourself and take the hard way, but it is going to take longer. For me, I believe that if someone has already been successful at something, take their advice and learn from them.

If it is available for you and you can earn more money faster, go for it.  If you can invest in a course, ASM12 is the one. It changed my life. Now, I have the financial freedom that I always dreamed of.

Also, find as many influential people as you can, who have been successful with Amazon, that you can follow and get mentored by. There will be a lot of points in this journey where you will feel beat down. It is important that you find something or someone that will keep you going.

The ASM12 course is an investment. It can be scary to take a risk, but the course will teach you how you can make your money back. It has worked for so many people. It's about overcoming your limiting mindset. If you want to do this, you will find a way, no matter what.

How has your life changed since launching your online business and brand?

Every day I wake up feeling so grateful. I am in charge of my time. I can do whatever I want from 9-5, as long as I accomplish my goals, and that is the most valuable thing that I can have. As my business grows, I know that my life will get better and better. I get to travel with Stefan and enjoy financial freedom.  Overall, I am more calm, and although I still experience stress, it’s good stress because I am inspired and have built a brand that I am passionate about.

I’m so grateful that I was able to share Tatiana’s journey to success. She makes $40,000 per month on Amazon at 23 years old.  I'm so proud of everything that she has accomplished, to-date.  She is proof that anything is possible, no matter how old you are.  If you believe you can create an online business, you will. Shift your mindset and success is yours for the taking!

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